HONG KONG BI-FORCE LIMITED was formed in a merger of large companies from different countries, specializing in
the manufacture and sale of starter automobile, motorcycle and stationary batteries under the BI-FORCE brand name,
with experience in this business for over 12 years.

The main advantage of HONG KONG BI-FORCE LIMITED is a
prime location of regional offices of companies of Group. The office in Istanbul (Turkey) provides an opportunity to
cooperate with our clients from the Middle East and North Africa with flexible terms of cooperation. Ukrainian and
Russian offices make us closer to our customers from Europe and the CIS. Having offices in these regions allow us to
better understand the needs of our customers and business conditions.

BI-FORCE TM is a unique brand that is in the forefront of the production of chemical current sources.

We supply the different branches of industries and consumers around the world by innovative products always striving to provide solutions for sustainable development.

There are more than 100 types of batteries in our product range that able to meet the needs of our clients.

The staff of the company, shares the principles of quality management and involved in the process of its creation with the aim of further improvement, clearly understands the purpose of his work, watches the result and effects on it.
In quality management decisions the opinion of each employee taken into consideration.

Quality management system and its work in accordance with the requirements of international ISO 9001:2008 standard helps us to improve the quality and reliability of our batteries and our customers have confidence that choosing our products they made the right choice. 

For 12 years HONG KONG BI-FORCE LIMITED has accumulated great experience in production of
high-quality batteries. We produce a wide range of batteries: from 3 Ah to 230 Ah.