A current collector grid with a centred ear improves charging characteristics. High porosity of plate electrodes increases the paste use factor and reserve of battery capacity.
A small amount of antimony in the alloy, which is used for producing current collectors, reduces the use of water during a battery operation.
A semi-transparent jar made of high impact polypropylene enables to visually control the electrolyte level in a storage battery.
Conventional storage batteries bear a hologram on their jars. It is a defensive mark which confirms the product high quality and right for warranty and maintenance rights.
The series includes storage batteries with a nominal voltage of 6 V and capacity of 18 Ah, as well as storage batteries with a nominal voltage of 12 V and the following capacity: 4 Ah, 5 Ah, 9 Ah, 19 Ah and 30 Ah. Guaranteed service life is 6 months.

- supplied in a dry-charged state completed with electrolyte;
- quality and reliability of a battery provides long service life even when operated under extreme conditions;
- deep discharge tolerance;
- high start capacity;
- battery’s ability to maintain its technical specifications on long storage;
- battery jar is high- and low-temperature tolerant and highly impact-resistant.