Gel envelopes plates and prevents the paste from chalking off plates and its increased resistance to discharging currents prevents from the formation of harmful indestructible lead sulfate. Oxygen and hydrogen vapors, produced as a result of a storage battery operation, are held inside the gel, react with each other and turn back into water which is absorbed by the gel. This process is called gas recombination.
A separator in gel storage batteries is also unusual – microporous duroplastic which due to aluminum additives has high resistance in corrosive medium, has high temperature stability and mechanical strength; the latter provides high vibration- and impact-resistance of a battery structure.
Due to these unique characteristics gel batteries withstand large number of charge-discharge cycles, can remain discharged for a long time, and have a low self-discharge, they can also be operated in any position.
The series includes storage batteries with a nominal voltage of 12 V and capacity of 4 Ah, 7 Ah and 9 Ah. Guaranteed service life is 12 months.

- reinforced electrodes reduce the grid corrosion and increase the service life of batteries;
- is more reliable in the mode of cycling;
- complete recovery after deep discharge even in the case when charging was not performed immediately after a battery discharged;
- tolerance to operation under high temperature conditions;
- non-foliation due to immobilized electrolyte;
- enhanced susceptibility to recharging due to low internal resistance.