Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 9Ah
Starting current: 100A [EN]
L* W * H: 150 * 87 * 106 mm
Weight: 2.85 kg


This nanogel battery’s rated voltage is 12 V and its rated capacitance is 9 Ah. It is produced according to the modern GEL technology when a storage battery is filled with special jelly-like electrolyte (nanogel) and sealed. The gel fills the interelectrode space and prevents the paste from chalking, and its enhanced resistance to discharging currents prevents from the formation of harmful indestructible lead sulfate. Thickened electrodes reduce the grid corrosion and increase the service life of a battery. BFG1209BS storage batteries have high temperature stability. They can remain discharged for a long time, and have a low self-discharge; they can also be operated in any position. In comparison to conventional motorcycle storage batteries they have an enhanced starter current (110 A).
They are supplied in an activated and charged state.
They are ideal for Asian and European motor transport (mopeds, motorcycles) with an engine capacity of 125-900 cm3. Guaranteed service life is 12 months since the purchase day.