Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 19Ah
Starting current: 180A [EN]
L* W * H: 176 * 101 * 176 mm
Weight: 4.50 kg
V electrolyte: 1.23 liters


1.4 BFC1219B – The battery’s rated voltage is 12 V and its rated capacitance is 19 Ah. It is produced according to the classical technology of motorcycle battery production with the use of Glass Fiber envelope-type separators which secure electrodes against short circuit and improve current characteristics. A current collector grid with a centred ear improves charging characteristics. High porosity of plate electrodes increases the paste use factor and reserve of battery capacity. A semi-transparent case enables to visually control the electrolyte level in each section of a storage battery. A small amount of antimony in the alloy, which is used for producing current collectors, reduces water evaporation during a battery operation. 
It is supplied in a dry-charged state with electrolyte for its activation. It is ideal for European and Asian motor transport (motorcycles, quadrocycles and water scooters) with an engine capacity of 400-1500 cm3. Guaranteed service life is 6 months since the purchase day.